A Mothers Day Message

05-10-2015 Mothers Day – Riverwalk Fellowship – Steve Solomon

Riverwalk Fellowship History

In 1999,  Pastor Steve and Diane Solomon began to sense that the Lord was leading them to plant a local church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The nationwide radio ministry of Praise in the Night was going strong and affecting countless lives every night.  Steve, Diane, and few close friends took this matter to prayer.  They moved their family to the DFW area in 1991 to minister on radio program Praise in the Night from the KVTT  91.7 FM studios in Dallas, Texas.

As members of Calvary Cathedral in Fort Worth, Solomon shared this call from the Lord with Pastor Bob Nichols and subsequently, the decision to start Riverwalk Fellowship was scheduled for 2001.

Through a series of divine encounters, Riverwalk was first located in a shopping center in Grand Prairie. The first meeting was February 2, 2001 and the first Sunday service was Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001.

During the Sunday, April 15th Worship Service, the Lord spoke to Pastor Steve and it was told to the new congregation, “The Lord said, By the Feast of Tabernacles, you will have your own building!”

The Feast of Tabernacles in 2001 began at sundown on October 2nd.

On October 2, 2001, Steve told Diane that he was going to drive around the city until he found a building.  While he was driving in the North Richland Hills area, he received a phone call from Pastor Bill Fletcher of Grace Fellowship in Haltom City.  Bill asked if Steve could come by his office as he had something to discuss.  

When Steve arrived at the church, Bill informed him that he knew that Riverwalk was looking for property.  He asked if Steve would consider his building.  

Grace Fellowship and Riverwalk Fellowship merged with Pastor Steve and Diane as the pastors and as the Lord said, by the Feast of Tabernacles we had our own building!

Since that time, the Lord has been pleased to use the ministry and congregation of Riverwalk to touch many lives in the community.

In 2014, Pastor Steve was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, terminal brain cancer.  Pastor, his family friends and church congregation began the fight of faith and stood firm on the promises of God for healing.  On May 30, 2016 Pastor took his last breath on earth and stepped over into Heaven – the hope of every believer.  

From Pastor’s death, until December 29, 2018, the family and remaining congregation of Riverwalk continued the church and then realized it was time to end the season of Riverwalk Fellowship as a physical church.  

January 2019, a new season began and Riverwalk Fellowship online was born! 

We are here to serve your ministry needs.  Message us for prayer.  Listen to the encore broadcasts of Praise in the Night, Riverwalk Fellowship services and spontaneous worship sessions!

Like King David’s Temple in the Old Testament, Riverwalk Fellowship Online continues today not at set times a few times a week, but now 24/7!

A New Season

“The length and severity of what you’re going through is in direct proportion of God’s confidence in Himself that He will get you through it.”

-Pastor Steve Solomon

We are currently working hard to bring you all (or as much as we have) of what Pastor Steve has recorded from various sources including his radio show, ‘Praise in the Night’, and a myriad of church services and timely messages. Pastor Steve always said our building ‘wasn’t big enough.’ He may have been right-

Our current goals are sorting, digitizing and publishing every bit of what we have that God had for us through Pastor Steve in various markets and methods to include iTunes Podcasts as well as the Google Play store. When Pastor Steve was playing music in the world, having global publishing and distribution was something that was held exclusive for major labels and big corporations. But now, it’s at our fingertips- just a click away. All that Pastor Steve preached is about to go live, message by message, to all nations.

So yes, Pastor Steve, I think God’s plan for us is bigger than brick and mortar; much larger than we’d originally seen. And, if it is God’s sovereign will, we’ll outgrow the INTERNET TOO!!

Stick close as we follow up as often as possible with updates and our official launch dates for content.

In His Love,