Our Statement of Faith

The world we in which we live and all other worlds, seen or unseen, have been created by the God of the Bible.

God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Eternal, All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Supreme in power and wisdom above all that has ever been or ever shall be.  He is Three Persons in One.

God created all things for His pleasure and purpose alone.  The Eternal Son of God, Jesus Christ (Messiah),  is and has always been and as the Scriptures declare, He is the Author of all things.  By Him, were all things created, seen and unseen.

Jesus, the only Son of God, was born of the virgin Mary in the lineage of King David and declared to be the Son by God, Himself.   He fulfilled all the Scriptures that were spoken and written by the prophets concerning His life and mission to redeem a chosen people to Himself.  Those who are the Redeemed are called in the New Testament, the Church.

The Son of God was born to be the sinless substitutionary sacrifice for the sins of His people.

Because of Adam and Eve’s first sin called Original Sin, mankind has been ruined spiritually to the point that we are “dead in our trespasses and sins.”  Because of Adam’s transgression and decision to disobey God, then the punishment was placed upon Adam.  The sin of Adam reaped consequences to plunge him and all men and women who were born in the world to be born into sin and consequently live a life that would culminate in death.

The doctrine of Original Sin is one of the main tenets of what we as a Church believe.  Because of this doctrine, we believe that we are all born sinners and have absolutely no source of life, happiness or eternal joy within ourselves.  We must be healed and saved by Someone other than ourselves.  

Original sin is the basis upon which the Doctrine of Grace, Redemption and Salvation is built upon.

It is God, the Father, Who determines the plan of Salvation.  

It is God, the Father, Who gives the power to give Eternal Life to His Son, the Lord, Jesus Christ; Who comes to Earth, born of a woman, to take upon Himself our likeness and it is He Who, by the sacrifice of His flesh and blood, redeems His people to Himself.

Those who are Redeemed are saved by grace and not by works. 

It is the Son of God, Who through the power of the Third Person of the Godhead- the Holy Ghost, moved throughout our world: convicting, convincing and comforting the people of God, the Church, by bringing to light the person of the Son of God, His glory and power to those who were once lost, but now found.

The Holy Ghost gives power to the people of God to be witnesses to Him.

The Charismatic life and experience are given as gifts to the church and members in particular for the furtherance of the Gospel.

The Gospel is preached, the Son of God is proclaimed with power and attestable signs upon the hearts and lives of those who believe.

The Holy Ghost seals the believer with the mark of God until the Day of Redemption, when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to raise up from the dead His people and those who are looking for Him, to live with Him forever.

The Resurrection of the Dead is central to our faith.   As Christ has risen from the dead, so shall we be risen from the dead to be with Him forever.

We celebrate the Lord in many ways.   We are commanded to be baptized in water by immersion and by calling on His name.

We are commanded to partake in the Lord’s Supper (Communion).

We celebrate Him with our Praise and Worship.

We celebrate Him with our tithes and offerings as a visible form of worship and our support of the proclamation of the Gospel.

As people of God, we come to the place that we can only glorify God by our complete dependence upon Him for all things.

Our dependence upon Him is evidenced by our prayer life and our dedication to hear, read and learn the Holy Scriptures.  The Bible is the Word of God and we have no other source of the knowledge of God apart from the Scriptures.