Our Founding Pastors

Pastors Steve and Diane Solomon were married from June 5, 1970 until Steve’s death on May 30, 2016. They have seven children. As of Spring 2019, they have been blessed with 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Pastor Steve was raised in the Jewish faith. His parents and maternal grandparents were instrumental in founding Jewish Congregations in Massachusetts. Steve graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science.

When Steve and Diane met in 1969, Steve was a musician in the Central Florida area and his group- Solomon, Carlton and Jones became one of the premier groups in the Orlando area.

Diane, was born-again at 5-years-old in the Central Foursquare Church in Orlando, Florida after a neighbor began taking her to church.  

Steve and Diane met in 1969 and were married in 1970. In the spring and summer of 1974, Steve began looking for answers to life. He was searching in areas forbidden by the Scripture such as New Age philosophies,  The Occult, etc..

Diane knew that something was wrong and began to tell Steve that he was reading and studying books that were “straight from hell” and she wanted those books out of her house or she would burn them all!!  Steve didn’t know much about what Diane was talking about but he nonetheless, removed the books from their house.

In August 1974, Steve and his band were performing at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  Steve would often go into a room by himself during the band breaks and try to meditate to find spiritual meaning, etc. Their marriage then entered a season of trial and Steve and Diane planned to divorce in late 1974 after their 4th baby was due in November.

On August 24, 1974, while Steve was trying to meditate, he began asking this question, “God, the God of my fathers;  are you real?  Are you here?  Is Jesus Christ Who He says He is?

Suddenly, Steve found himself in the midst of a vision: “A bright light, like the setting Sun, amber in color, but very bright; and out from the center of the light, a right hand stretched forth towards me. This hand touched my head and He lifted me up and I heard an audible voice with my ears and He said; “YES, I AM.  WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WRONG!  STOP AND FOLLOW ME!”

“I immediately knew that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was real and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”

This began Steve’s journey as a Christian. The Lord healed Steve and Diane’s marriage and since that time led them on a wonderful road of life, peace and joy in loving God and ministering to the needs of people.

Since Pastor Steve’s passing, Pastor Diane is now overseeing the legacy of Pastor Steve and Riverwalk Fellowship so that lives may continue to be saved, healed, delivered, and set free by the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  

Our passion, just the same as Pastor’s passion, is simply, Jesus.